GTC International Holding

GTC International Holding includes various divisions and departments. We have the ability to provide a wide range of legal, immigration, commercial, educational services, etc., relying on past successful experiences and the technical knowledge of our elite team.
Our technical and legal consulting team is ready to provide services to companies and private and public organizations.

GTC International Holding services at a glance

Immigration Department

With the pride of having a team of experts in the field of immigration, we have been able to facilitate all the services related to exiting the country in a completely legal manner and immigrating anywhere you want in the world.

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Legal Department

Our legal team of expert lawyers, accompanied by an experienced manager, will protect you and your interests with all of their strength in any and all legal procedures, while maintaining the reputation of the company. We will be by your side at all times.

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Education Department

As education is one of the important pillars of our collection, we can help you reach your goals in the fields of management, English and Armenian languages, and application software with prominent tutors.

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Commerce Department

GTC Holding also partakes in international trade. You can experience the best feeling and the least amount of risk with our sales and trading team. Profitable business and protecting your interests has always been our goal.

Let us achieve prosperity together

Thousands of people have employed the services of GTC International Holding

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Our representatives in other countries

GTC International Group has several representatives in UAE, Armenia, Germany, England, Netherlands, and Canada.

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